Great place to come for fresh produce and great prices!!

They always have the best selection of everything you would need!

Jennifer M.

I was told of this place by my hair dresser and LOVED the convenience to where I live in Fall River. Produce is fresh and so nicely priced.

The employees are very nice and very personable.

So happy I have found this place I can shop at year round!

Kimberly P.

I live 700 miles away. have ordered FRUIT BASKETS for several years for our daughter and family, who live in Rhode Island....

These people do a super excellent job! I cannot even describe how wonderful. My daughter raves about all the wonderful things that are in these baskets every time.

Thank you , Andrew!. Keep up the good work.

Betty F.

Best produce! Friendly staff too! Shop local!!!!!!

Angelina O.

Most polite & friendly people anywhere.

Michael P.

I have been shopping here all my life. Great fresh fruit and vegetables!

Sandra S.

I love there fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the new opal apples, the bananas, red grapes, and red potatoes.

They have exclusive choices for some produce, the people are great and helpful, on hot days its cool inside the store... 5 Stars!

Jeff R.

First time ordering from Andrews. Very helpful and friendly on the phone. I have heard good things about Andrews Produce and I hope they live up to their reputation. Needed to have a fruit basket delivered out of my town. Delivery charge only $5 and baskets start @ $25 not bad.

Betty F.

Produce is fresh, they have organic. They carry Amaral's meats too. Always neat, clean and workers are most pleasant, friendly and helpful.
I love Andrews Market. I have been shopping there for 28 years.


Linda R.

I always buy my fruit vegetables here they're fresher and they cost less than the supermarket!

Laurie M.

Great prices An fresh vegetables An fruits an very friendly Love this store!

Nancy L.

Great fresh produce, at a reasonable price!


Bert B.

Awesome produce, great customer service. I have been shopping there for over 10 years and they beat the super markets for price AND quality!
They also carry Arruda's milk, Little Rhody eggs, Michael's Chourico and a selection of Auclair's marrinated meats.

Kathleen M.

Great and inexpensive place for fresh produce, I had been going there for about 6 months - Some of the freshest herbs for the cheapest price and they lasted a lot longer than the S&S brands. The customer service is great and very knowledgeable.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Andrews Fruit and Produce

Michaela V.

Great fruit and produce!

Sammi H.

Been going here for 40 + years!

Nancy B.